What are the primary materials of the ROOM Phone Booth?

The ROOM Phone Booth is comprised of:

- Polyethylene terephthalate (PET): The primary component of all three of our Phone Booth walls, dense PET absorbs internal echoes and enhances speech intelligibility. Each of our soundproof office Phone Booths use PET made out of 1,000+ recycled plastic bottles, and to date, we’ve repurposed millions of bottles.

- Medium-density fibreboard (MDF): This is the exterior component of our Phone Booth walls which blocks sound from traveling out of the Booth. Ensuring that what you say inside the Booth, stays inside the Booth. It’s lightweight and durable to provide sufficient structure for the Booth. All of our MDF is CARB Phase II compliant.

- Acoustic Felt: Made out of 100% natural breathable wool and no dye added, the acoustic felt provides natural sound insulation and enhances the overall aesthetics of the Phone Booth.

- Magnetic Door: We intentionally use a lightweight door to facilitate cost effective shipping. Industrial strength magnets on the door also create a strong seal that minimizes sound leakage. Aluminum frame and metal face plate enhance the Booth’s overall soundproofing capability.

- Industrial Carpet: Made of 100% nylon for higher resistance to wear and tear, the carpet is easy to clean with a handheld vacuum.

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