How many boxes will my soundproof phone booth arrive in?

Each ROOM soundproof phone booth is packaged in four heavy-duty cardboard boxes. Box 1 contains the floor, roof, and hardware kit. Box 2 contains the left wall and table. Box 3 contains the right wall and door. Box 4 contains the back wall. The dimensions of each box are as follows:

Box 1: 42.7” x 42.7” x 8.0” (94.8 lb)

Box 2: 89.6” x 43.1” x 4.4” (122.4 lb)

Box 3: 89.6” x 43.1” x 4.4” (124.6 lb)

Box 4: 89.6” x 43.1” x 3.1” (84.9 lb).

For more information regarding the shipping and delivery of our soundproof phone booths, please feel free to give us a call at (646) 791-3726.


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